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essay on mangroves

Mangals are found in tropical and sub-tropical tidal areas, and as such have a high degree of salinity. They utilize excess nutrients to increase productivity although continuous excessive inputs of nutrients may adversely affect mangroves. The Philippines is considered as a megadiverse country in terms of marine flora and fauna. Both land and sea processes influence the intertidal mangrove environment and, thus the herbivores that live in and around the mangroves have to withstand or adapt to both worlds and also to the constant changes in the environment. Gogol thinks that Nikhil is someone else and doesn’t want to be two people. As the air rises, it cools. The Mangrove Ecosystem is essential for both the environment and humans, human intervention has damaged this environment and now we are learning to restore it. 1.0 Introduction “A mangrove is a tree, shrub, palm or ground fern, generally exceeding one and a half metres in height, which normally grows above mean sea level in the intertidal zone of marine coastal environments and estuarine margins. The essay’s introduction, body paragraphs, and the conclusion are provided below. 6 3 The Mangrove Ecosystem is a type of specialized coastal wetland found in tropical and subtropical regions. Mangroves are works species that are adapted to turn in tropical coastal zones (Kathiresan and Bingham 2001). Paraphrase Surviving is a mangroves expertise. Get help with your writing. With increased distance between molecules, the molecules are less densely packed. This type of precipitation is common in the Prairies and Ontario. They can incorporate, trap inorganic nutrients, heavy metals, and pesticides that would otherwise flow to the sea, degrading the quality of coastal waters. (4) Frontal precipitation Therefore, if the auditor is assigned to the audit team of a company that his/her uncle is the controller of that company; it definitely needs to be disclosed. Mangroves I. 5/3/2014 Climate has a large effect on the growth of mangroves because it determines the amount of available radiation and warmer temperatures. Mangroves forest has an country of about 15 million hectares worldwide. 5/3/2014 Mangroves are found … Figure 2. Gent Qamili – 13BGrant Q. Title Mangroves are plant species that are adapted to grow in tropical coastal zones (Kathiresan and Bingham 2001). Mrs. Park One of the key roles of the external auditor is to protect the interest of the public. (5) [3] Mangals are found in depositional coastal environments where fine sediments (often with high organic content) collect in areas protected from high energy wave action. PROJECT REPORT BY: - MINTU.R.PATEL 5/3/2014 Article Shared By. Introduction “A mangrove is a tree, shrub, palm or ground fern, generally exceeding one and a half metres in height, which normally grows above mean sea level in the intertidal zone of marine coastal environments and estuarine margins. The Barker Inlet Mangrove Ecosystem is a coastal ecosystem that consists of various sheltered estuarine habitats and zones. Biological diversity of coastal plants in the country is one of the richest in the world (Calumpong and Menez, 1997). Monica Jorge, 3622098 “He is afraid to be Nikhil, someone he doesn’t know. Author, Loren Eiseley (1971) wrote vividly about his encounter with a mangrove forest in the book The Night Country: A world like that is not really natural. They are also important nursery areas for many fresh water and reef […] Although the definition of ecosystem services (ES) varies through literature, most studies recognize a relation between ecosystem functioning and anthropogenic interest. The ecosystem group chosen is a local, coastal ecosystem called the Barker Inlet – St Kilda Aquatic Reserve and the Torrens Island Conservation Park. TOPIC:-TYPES OF PRECIPITATIONS as well as the terrestrial ecotones occurring along the outer edge of the mangrove forest. The Handbook of Mangroves in the Philippines – Panay by Primavera et al. The major vegetation in this area has adapted to absorb its water from the sea, and its oxygen from the air as opposed to the soil. Mangroves Essay 769 Words | 4 Pages. In Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements Mangroves are vital for many reasons, such as aquaculture, agriculture, forestry and also as a protection against shoreline and coastal erosion. Although they amount to only 1% of the total area of tropical forest, they are highly productive. Youthalyn Mair-Pryce, 3622089 The Mangrove swamp is inherently a depositional anoxic environment. Because this type of ecosystem requires such a unique environment, it is often in danger of disappearing. Discussion Mangroves are also fertile habitats and may help coastal fisheries for shrimps and also fishes (Manson et al., 2005). M.M.SHAH He believes changing his name will change his identity. This sample essay on Importance Of Mangroves Essay offers an extensive list of facts and arguments related to it. � �}Y��ƒ��U���2��=@s�bkZmm�$�Q�X�V(E�HB�t�#��i"���o�y�S�K&3� (3) Orographic precipitation (3) Cyclonic precipitation (Jones, K. 1984 p. 62) Small environmental variations within a mangal may lead to greatly differing methods for coping with the environment. Ecology Short essay on Conservation of Mangroves. (6) References Mangrove forest is also known as the “rainforest of the sea”. 2 spend an evening or an afternoon with friends get … Youthalyn Mair-Pryce, 3622089 Most plants have a very low tolerance for salt, but in mangroves, twice a day, the high tide rushes in and covers the majority of plants in saltwater. Mangrove swamps are a type of coastal wetland found on five out of seven continents between the latitudes 30ºN and 30ºS. (5) Precipitation due to turbulent ascent Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more. JEREM M. SORIANO Thesis about mangroves >>> CLICK HERE Discursive essays human cloning This is an ethical principle a plain language law a plain meaning rule a promise essay questions 1 what are the basic elements of a contract? Essay on Studying Mangroves Water temperature was measured using a thermometer. This ecosystem is found at the junction between land and sea. 4 Black mangrove, often grow more inland, help in supplying the plant with air in submerged soils, it is easy to identify from its belowground roots, gray-brown, pencil-like items that emerge vertically from the mud, their physical stability helps to prevent shoreline erosion, shielding inland areas from severe damage during... ...MANGROVES ASSESSMENT OF CLUSTER IV BARANGAYS This is normally due to their endurance for higher levels of salt. Mangroves are swamp and forest lands that hold many living species. Convective precipitation . By the time he is fourteen, Gogol hates his name. They are characterized by their prop roots, their ability to tolerate regular inundation by salt water, and by precocious (pre-dispersal) germination of their seeds and development of their seedlings. To achieve this, it is important for the public to trust and have confidence in the work of an auditor. Precipitation in the richer... StudyMode - Premium and Free Essays, Term Papers & Book Notes, The Impacts of the Global Recession of 2008-2009. He thinks his name came through the train accident his father had. Monica Jorge, 3622098 There are three species of the mangrove tree, red, black and white. A controller does have influence on financial reports. Mangroves I. PROFESSOR III The mangroves largely consist of gray mangrove trees which are typically found in tidal areas. [2] At the college party, Gogol introduces himself to Kim as “Nikhil,” instead of Gogol. (3) Mangrove forests comprise up to 50 species of woody halophytes restricted to sheltered saline tidal areas, and once occupied around 75% of tropical coasts and inlets (Ellison 1997). ASST. Read this essay on Disadvantages Of Mangroves. Compared to trees, they exist as floating islands, living and going wherever the wind takes them. When Gogol starts kindergarten, his parents want him to go by “Nikhil” at school and “Gogol” at home. Reviewed by: Gabriela Bacigalupo, 1099953 Each species has its own solutions to these problems; this may be the primary reason why, on some shorelines, mangrove tree species show distinct zonation. Read this Science Essay and over 89,000 other research documents. A name has so much meaning that many people are not able to fathom it. The estuaries, salt marshes, swamps and wetlands mangroves live in represent hostile environments to mainland vegetation and have forced upon mangrove evolution a few peculiar adaptations such as tolerance of salty water, the development of pneumatophores (“breathing roots”), and a marked tendency to germinate their seeds on the tree. It is crucial that auditors appear independent to the public in both fact and appearance. 769 Words 4 Pages. Mangroves are fish nurseries as they serve as a source of food for fish and crabs that live in rivers and the shallow areas of the sea/ocean. It grows well in tropical countries, including the Philippines. (4) Compared to trees, they exist as floating islands, living and going wherever the wind takes them. These trees are survivor, growing where land and water meet and protect the environment by protecting coastal areas and communities from storm surges, waves, tidal currents and typhoons. In a coast oriented perspective the mangroves cover 340 miles of the coast of Abu Dhabi. Precipitation due to turbulent ascent Mangroves are trees which grow in coastal regions and they are characterized by their tangled roots that grow above the ground thus forming a dense thicket. PRESENTED TO: ENROLL NO. Conserving or Eliminating Mangroves Essay Sample . Gogol is bothered by this because he feels he does not want another name. A RESEARCH STUDY External users of the information may not accept that fairness and objectivity was exercised; and the information may be deemed unreliable because the... ...Introduction Save Mangroves. 5/3/2014 Mangroves are the rainforests by the Sea. TOPIC: - TYPES OF PRECIPITATIONS [��:�>ȏ�t�'k�{�ץ��Ф�;!��}�ύ�q?����TħnD���n��qݮ�0�t����ໝ���������C?�k2g~M��Gn����ԟ�3g6�Sa'� 0 Comments. This means that they are located mostly in tropic climates though some have been recorded in more temperate regions (Warne, 2007). Water vapor in the air condenses into clouds and precipitation. GRAB THE BEST PAPER We use cookies to create the best experience for you. Even though the personality of the auditor might allow him to be unbiased and the audit is independence in fact, what is important is what the public perceives. – most of the non-mangroves. ACG 4651 – Fall 2013 Section 04 Mangrove swamps are rich communities of both vegetative and animal species. ...Mangroves are ever green forests between land and sea, found essentially in the intertidal zone and occupying large tracts along the shallow coasts, estuaries and in the deltas where they are influenced by tides, widely differing conditions of saline and rainfall regimes. The majority of mangrove forests are found within 30 degrees of the equator in both the northern and southern hemispheres and appear on every continent except for Europe and Antarctica. Orographic precipitation Mangroves I. It gives him the confidence to kiss her: "It hadn't been Gogol who had... ...Prepared by: Gabriela Bacigalupo, 1099953 |�b%���ʂS=�� 5R�. A mangrove is also the tidal habitat comprising such trees and shrubs” (Mangroves defined, n.d.). as you will happen. (1)INTRODUCTION This environment serves as home to many animal species, and home and nursery to many aquatic species. Example: For example, learning from the 2005 tsunami in Asia, there were no deaths in the areas which had mangrove forests, compared to those areas without, which suffered massive causalities. Together we have termed them the Barker Inlet Mangrove Ecosystem which is situated approximately 20 kilometres north west of Adelaide (see figure 1) and covers an area of approximately 20.5 kilometres squared or 2055 hectres. This shows that Gogol has an identity changed. These ecosystems are not only important because of their species diversity, but also because they serve as buffers between the land and sea. Which is more important, conserving mangroves, or the … Name and Identity at that place are all kinds of mangroves, especially in the Galapagos and Florida, always arouse butted by sharks. V.B.PATEL ...2 Therefore, the mix of species is partly determined by the tolerances of individual species to physical conditions, like tidal inundation and salinity, but may also be influenced by other factors such as predation of plant seedlings by crabs. Plants in mangals are diverse but all are able to exploit their... ... The red mangrove are easily recognized by its distinctive arching roots because the bottom part of its trunk branches that arch in the air before the entering the water. IN THE MUNICIPALITY OF SAN ANDRES The many species of trees and shrubs adapted to saline conditions are not all closely related, and the term "mangrove" may be used for all of them, or more narrowly only for the mangrove family of plants, the Rhizophoraceae, or even more specifically just for mangrove trees of the genus Rhizophora. Page No. :- 126310306509 In … ... enabled Rhizophora mangles to rule the boggy seashores. GUIDED BY: - F.P.AMBADIA Coastal ecosystem around Barker Inlet. Biology of Mangroves One of the most unique and least understood environments found in nature is that of the mangrove. Mangroves. It is not the nature of the relationship, but more importantly the position that the person has within the firm. A mangrove is also the tidal habitat comprising such trees and shrubs” (Mangroves defined, n.d.). September 17, 2013 – Case #1: The importance of being independent (by Deloitte) Discussion Questions ��Y�*�9�6�P]l|�C��L�L�8M�O+��=Q|? 5/3/2014 Paraphrase Surviving is a mangrove’s expertise. Paraphrase Surviving is a mangrove’s expertise. Gogol struggles between two cultures to try and figure out his own identity and where he belongs. The importance of name and identity in this novel is far more drastic than a reader could understand. These wetlands are found where freshwater meets saltwater and are infamous for their impenetrable maze of woody vegetation. All mangroves rooted within the plots were recorded and identified in situ. Essay on Mangroves and Their Importance About 110 species belong to the mangal. Free Essays on Essay On Taking Care Of Mangroves In The Uae. 10 September 2012 As the air warms, the air molecules begin to move further apart. Adaptations. INTRODUCTION 2011). Based on that paper, Saenger (2002) and site visits as part of this study, the types of impact associated with mangroves in Egypt can be summarised, as shown on Table 13.The table also highlights the different types of value that are most at risk from direct and indirect impact. 3 (1) They consist of swamp forestland within and its war spread areas. Who doesn’t know him.” (Lahiri 19). Let us write or edit the essay on your topic "Salt Marsh and Mangroves (for Coastal Defence)" with a personal 20% discount. Cyclonic precipitation The swamps are unique in the fact that they are a highly vegetated area found on the edge of marine coasts. A simple name change does not alter the fabric of a person. (7) Background of Study Comp ard to trees, they exist as natation islands, living and de spark offure wherever the wind call them. Plants in mangals are diverse but all are able to exploit their habitat (the intertidal zone) by developing physiological adaptations to overcome the problems of anoxia, high salinity and frequent tidal inundation. Some of the key impacts on Egypt’s mangroves have been highlighted by Dar (2002). (1) Convective precipitation ۞�ž�|rj\�c�j��I�ݑݏN޿��I�Z��i?�=�&',�г�EKl�ͳ��~��Qh�(y��`��J�ؙ��س�'�0E����"�#^�mT�S�c�l��^�0`J6;�!�Ͳ�r���yFUZQ�Y�D�=�|`b���W���3�a��L�?��-YS�>O���EИ�,����%)�٭�z��my���[��5�X��@vk��� It is characterized by salt loving trees, shrubs and other plants that grow in brackish saline tidal waters. Chapter I 5/3/2014 Mangroves are coastal forest found in the tropic and subtropics, inhabiting saline tidal areas throughout the globe (Barbier et al. He attempts to create separation between himself and his parents’ worlds, but never feels authentic as Nikhil. Mangrove Analysis Report Essay. Sr.No. PRESENTED BY: Mangals are highly biodiverse habitats that host a large variety of unique organisms from barnacles and oysters to fiddler crabs, mudskippers or even near-endemics like Costa Rica’s Mangrove Hummingbird or PNG’s Sheathtail Bat and various birds. Mangroves therefore contribute significantly in … Convectional precipitation results from the heating of the earth's surface. Thus, the air becomes “lighter” and rises rapidly into the atmosphere. 5/3/2014 The pH was determined using a pH meter, and salinity was measured using the handheld TOGA refractors. It is due to the lifting of warm... ...Yusuf Egal Many Juvenile animals are also dependent on the mangrove ecosystem as it provides a safe haven and resources for their development (Jones, K. 1984). There are all kinds of mangroves, especially in the Galapagos and Florida, always getting butted by sharks. �������?=b�t�߻/?��?ܓ_�g���$e�|"z�T�����˫��{_ ��M�(\k��,,Ic�M�)�Y��o�VjEk��7�B,�,w��7 V�����D������t5��v�5����b�8��ME�>��T�"�����8�����Fq�a�kV�����^��S�A�)�,����jYA�;n,x*�@}?��X����t��]$��&�U9�O��3���������5����2�D��z��� D8LGv��1���t��i����]J�R��b��4�0������� ������D��C1�b�X�o�sB��c�ci²�9�PzUN���J{Eo7���0c�6}' ���55�0���I��$vU����^+M~�I≁ English IV-4th Period Mangroves support essential functions benefitting the natural ecosystems of its surrounding area and are also extremely important resource to human communities as well. Mangroves form a characteristic saline woodland or shrubland habitat, called mangrove swamp, mangrove forest, mangrove or mangal. They occur both in estuaries and along open coastlines. (2) Although they amount to merely 1 % of the entire country of tropical wood, they are extremely productive. In Lahiri’s novel, the main character fights an identity crisis because of his highly unusual name. And they provide a safe haven for juvenile fish, and crab located on coastline. Mangroves forest has an area of about 15 million hectares worldwide. Over 120 million depend on mangroves for livelihood, and it … [1] VALENTIN G. DRIO As soon he turns eleven he then learns how unique his name is. There are all kinds of mangroves, especially in the Galapagos and Florida, always getting butted by sharks. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. INTRODUCTION Essay on Save Mangroves. (�`�m)f�l�$PKVV._f Please join StudyMode to read the full document. Mangroves dominate three quarters of tropical coastlines. MR. TEODIVICO T. PASION go forthing few rivals and merely a little per centum of non-mangroves lasting in the rough conditions. Mangroves shield inland areas during storms and minimize damage. Figure 1. Some people don’t like mangroves, regarding them as muddy, mosquito and crocodile infested swamps. Mangroves are unique because they are homes to fishes, migrating birds and rare plants and animals that can only be found in particular regions. There are five types of precipitation. VINCENT JAY H. GADO ADVERTISEMENTS: Mangroves are salt tolerant plant communities occurring in sheltered coastline areas s as bays, estuaries, lagoons and creeks. Date Mangrove vegetation of Kaveiy delta has substantially suffered due to geomorphic and anthropogenic interferences. For this reason, it is the auditor’s responsibility to ensure that there are no personal or business relationships with anyone in a position of influence within the firm they are auditing. The warm ground heats the air over it. for the Subject Mangroves are woody plants that form the dominant vegetation of mangrove forests. 1 through 30 These include the different tidal zones (see figure 2.) Mangroves Essay. The changing of a name symbolizes the double identity of Gogol. Once established, mangrove roots provide an oyster habitat and slow water flow, thereby enhancing sediment deposition in areas where it is already occurring. 8.1 Types of adverse impact. Areas where mangals occur include estuaries and marine shorelines. The mangroves in Abu Dhabi are considered as one of the most diverse habitats in the Gulf. Tidal zones within a Mangrove Ecosystem (Jones, K. 1984 p. 68).... ...Mangroves are trees and shrubs that grow in saline coastal habitats in the tropics and subtropics – mainly between latitudes 25° N and 25° S. The saline conditions tolerated by various species range from brackish water, through pure seawater (30 to 40 ppt), to water of over twice the salinity of ocean seawater, where the salt has become concentrated by evaporation (up to 90 ppt). To defend themselves against the daily onslaught of salt, mangroves exclude salt by filtering it out at the roots; Rhizophora stylosa, Brugueira gymnorrhiza and Ceriops tagal are all salt excluders. (2) Orographic precipitation PROJECT DEVELOPMENT AND MANAGEMENT They … Mangrove swamps are also important in regard to shoreline erosion control and ecological productivity. The formation of convective precipitatio (2)Convective precipitation These communities are not only threatened by human development, but also by global warming and natural occurrences such as invasive species. being portion of the myrtle household. 6 The fine, anoxic sediments under mangroves act as sinks for a variety of heavy (trace) metals which colloidal particles in... ...and examples. Mangroves metabolize organic wastes and are termed as natural sewage treatment works. Frontal precipitation There were many around the world in regions close to the seas and oceans. [1][2] 5 Mangroves are the plats of tropical sheltered shores. Only at TermPaperWarehouse.com" Barker Inlet Mangrove Ecosystem The concern of whether it be more helpful to remove or conserve mangrove ecosystems have been main in recent years, in addition to there being no one right answer to suit everyone makes it such a new controversial topic.

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